What is Vermicompost?

Vermicompost also known as VCompost, is the process of using worms to breakdown and compost organic material. This allows you to turn organic trash that would normally head to the landfill, into dark rich compost that is full of nutrients and humus.

Gardeners and those trying to reduce their environmental footprint are familiar with traditional composting. Vermicompost while similar has a lot of benefits.

Vermicompost vs Composting:

  • Vermicompost is done in small bins that can be kept indoors or outdoors
  • Vermicompost is faster than a typical compost pile and less work
  • Vermicompost bins are easily set up in an hour or two and are up to full speed composting in about a week
  • A well run bin has little to no odor or mess
  • Bins can be kept in apartments, townhouses, garages, and basements allowing almost everyone to vermicompost even if they don’t have land or their HOA doesn’t allow traditional composting
  • Vermicompost allows composting indoors during cold months when outdoor compost piles are frozen or difficult to access
  • Bins are more convenient to feed than burying organics in a traditional outdoor compost pile

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